Massachusetts’ Basic Facts

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When you hear about Massachusetts, one thing that would probably come to mind is the song that goes ” I’m going back to Massachusetts, something’s telling me I must go home now…..” Well, that song is one of the most popular songs from the Bee Gees.


With their song, no one can argue how lovely it is to have a hometown such as Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is comprised of great cultures

and historical events that are everlasting. It has commonwealth museum that is truly built exceptionally. Aside from the commonwealth museum, you can also find many collections from the history of Massachusetts and in Interactive State House. In this place, you will discover many things about its political leaders, an example of that is its first Governor, and some funny facts about Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is composed of 351 cities and towns starting from Abington and ending in Yarmouth.  Its biggest city is Boston and it’s the most populous part of the state. It is the 14th most popular state in America but is the 7th smallest state.