Holyoke Massachusetts

Massachusetts played a significant role in the history of American since the time of pilgrims; the separatist and the Plymouth colony. Massachusetts is recognized as the leader in opposition of the British Empire.

Massachusetts is also known by its nickname; bay state and old colony state.

Holyoke is located in the Hampden county, with 39, 880 residents as of 2010. It lies about 8 miles away from the city of Springfield and is considered as part of the metropolitan Springfield Area. Holyoke is named after Elizur Holyoke who explored the place in 1664.

Holyoke is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of paper with its Holyoke Canal System which was built to power the paper production and textile. It is no wonder the Holyoke is recognized and nicknamed as the “paper city”. Here in Holyoke where volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. It is also here in Holyoke where the 2nd  largest celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated nationwide.